Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How Tell If Your Spouse is Lying - Ultimate Ways to Catch a Lie and Become a Human Lie Detector

Most of us enter relationships and marriage with hope and trust. We are hopelessly in love and that makes us trust our partners completely. When everything seems to be going smoothly, we get this strange uncanny feeling deep inside that the possibility of our spouse lying could be a reality.

Of course we would hope it's not true but we have to accept facts right? How can you tell if your spouse is cheating behind your back or lying?

Here are 4 tips you would find useful to help you find out if your spouse is indeed lying to you.

If your spouse is betraying you the first tell tale sign would be their body language. Whatever you think is always reflected in your body because both work in coordination. So, check out these four telltale signs in your spouse's body.

Tip 1. Look your spouse straight in their eyes. If they are lying they would definitely avert their eyes and wouldn't look you in the eyes when they speak with you. Every time you confront them they would put up a busy image and try to avert conversations.

Tip 2. Watch them closely as they go about their work at home. You will find they are extremely restless especially when you are around. It's their conscience that's pricking them saying "You are a cheater".

Their body gestures when talking with you would be highly animated. This clearly shows they are nervous and feeling guilt.

Tip 3. Another tip you could use is the need to watch their speech. People who tend to lie will never appear relaxed and their voice will have modulations and fluctuations.

They would either speak too loudly or whisper so you will not be able to hear what is being said. They would also clear their throats quite often before answering your questions and stammering is very normal.

Tip 4. If your spouse has been trying to avoid you in recent times then be sure they are cheating on you and would not want to be confronted with this fact as they would have to lie.

Of late, if your spouse is quiet and tries to avoid you then be sure something fishy is going on behind your back.
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