Friday, April 10, 2009

4 ingredients of a successful marriage

There are steps you need to take if you want to experience a successful marriage. I will be telling you 4 ingredients of a successful of marriage.

  1. There must be a well define purpose in your marriage. That is what makes marriage works. Whether you marry early or marry late, there must be purpose in that marriage. There are people that are so afraid that they avoid getting married. They sometimes wait until they are forty or fifty because they have read a lot about marriage that have broken down. Whenever people are told: “you are getting old, what are you waiting for?” They usually come up with excuses. No matter how long you wait there must be purpose, a well – defined purpose in marriage before your marriage can be successful.
  2. Another ingredient that needs to be present in your marriage is love. Broadly speaking, there are two levels of love; human love and divine love. Divine love is called Agape. It is a special kind of love and comes from above. This type of love is real, deep and sacrificial. It is not ephemeral. It is the type of love which makes you overlook the weak point of your spouse.
  3. There must be commitment to providing for the home on the part of the partners. The husband should always think of what he can d for the wife. The wife should also look for avenue of meeting her husband’s felt needs. Also, you should note important events and date in your spouse’s life and give him or her surprises once a while. As a woman, if you are fixing meals for your husband, do it joyfully.

The last point will make me look like a pastor. I am going to tell you truth and only the truth. There must be partnership with God. You like it or not , you need to operate with the lord in building your home. The institution of marriage is ordained by God. It is not something that just evolved from our social system. Sometimes there are people who talk about the liberation of women. The so called women liberation movement have come too late because, two thousand years ago Jesus Christ liberated all believing women from bondage. So , all these women who are saying that marriage is bondage are only displaying blatant ignorance as far as the perfect will of God is concerned.

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Safeguarding Your Marriage Today

Are you and your partner slowly drifting apart? Do you find yourself fighting all that time or talking about divorce? Are one or both of you secretly wondering if you are going to make it or even if you can save your marriage?

The good news is that you are definitely not alone. Each year millions of marriages find themselves in similar situations and many of them end up in great place later in their marriage because they have a commitment to working it out and the right information to help them along the way.

Regardless of the circumstances each couple is going to need to master the number one required skill of resolving conflict. Once a couple learns to navigate these waters they will be able to learn about and handle the different issues that generally cause trouble for couples like:

- surviving an affair
- poor intimacy
- excessive bickering
- poor communication
- lack of quality time with each other
- parenting issues
- dealing with a difficult spouse

Whatever the specific issues once you learn to resolve conflict you can get information on how to deal with these other issues. The good news is that since people have been having marriage problems for so long and since so many professionals have been studying these relationships, there is now a great body of knowledge about the necessary skills to survive and thrive in marriage. Just as you can take good information and learn to play golf or tennis effectively you can literally learn and be trained to have a great and satisfying marriage.

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How Do You Know If Your Husband Truly Loves You? Relationship Advice For Women

How do you know if your husband truly loves you is a question many married women wonder about. Relationships change over the years and even though you and your husband may have been incredibly close at one time, that can change as the pressures of daily life take over. If you’ve started to wonder whether your husband is in love with you the way he was when you two first married, there are some signs that suggest his feelings have started to change. If you notice any of them in your relationship it’s time to address the issues that are causing you two to drift apart.

If your husband has started making excuses for not spending as much time with you as he used to, that can be a sign that he isn’t as deeply in love with you as he once was. When a man’s feelings begin to shift he may feel that the only way to effectively deal with it is not to deal with it at all. The way that many men do this is by busying themselves with other things. It can range from being more focused with work to becoming obsessed with a new hobby. If you genuinely feel that your husband just doesn’t want to spend time with you anymore, ignoring that won’t make it go away.

One of the answers to the question of how do you know if your husband truly loves you is his willingness to make your life easier. When you two first married chances are that your spouse would go out of his way to do whatever he could to ensure that you had a happy, uncomplicated and fulfilling life. If your husband isn’t being as attentive with things around the house such as pitching in with chores or accompanying you on outings, there may be more to it than meets the eye. He may feel emotionally disconnected from you and therefore doesn’t feel as driven to please you. If that’s the case, and you still love him, you need to start repairing the relationship before it’s too late.

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How To Cure For a Sexless Marriage

As a couples therapist, I frequently give advice to couples stuck in a sexless marriage.

The causes are varied, but this phenomenon often occurs during the “work phase” of the relationship life-cycle where raising children, soccer practice, paying the mortgage, and other life responsibilities take priority leaving little room for intimacy.

If you are stuck in this phase, this article will show you what you can do to ignite that missing spark.

Often, what is lost upon settling down is intimacy and playful flirtation. Studies show what people put less energy into flirtation, intimacy, and foreplay after they have already landed a mate. Also, the lack of flirtation or intentional sexual energy in your relationship can create a feeling of being taken for granted.

If you feel the erotic charge that flirting brings to relationships is missing in yours, here are a few suggestions that will help you increase intimacy in your life.

Get Closer to Your Partner

Decrease the physical distance between you and your partner. Intentionally get closer to your partner in various of everyday situations: cooking, doing dishes, watching movies, etc. This sends a clear message: I notice you, I’m attracted to you, etc. Don’t forget to nuzzle your partner’s neck during the hug.

Touch, But Do Not Grope, Your Partner

We humans crave physical communication from our loved ones - it’s a basic need. Nothing is more comforting or exciting than that tingle we get from skin-to-skin contact. Smart couples use this tactic to get and send the message of sexual attractiveness. Like the neck-nuzzle hug from behind, use regular brief touches to make your partner feel noticed. Remember, feeling “seen” is a major part of feeling good about ourselves which leads to feeling sexy.

Plan For Intimacy And Date Nights

Every morning, write down one thing in which you would like to compliment your partner (their generosity, their childcare abilities, cooking, etc.). Over time, your partner will begin to appear more attractive to you.

Intimacy suffers when life becomes too hectic, so planning a date nights is a great way to get away from the kids and responsibilities for a little while.

Spend time doing an activity you both enjoy. Make it interactive, as attending a movie leaves little room for good conversation. Try a quaint little bed and breakfast in order to recharge. These tips work wonders to cure a sexless marriage.

Remember, increasing intimacy is not merely a tool that will lead to sex. It will enhance the over quality of your relationship and increase feelings of worthiness, confidence, and self-confidence.

Long-term relationships do not have to result in the death of flirtation. In fact, with some amount of intention, your sexless marriage can be cured and become your source for that internal glow!

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HOW to Start Rebuilding Your Marriage and Avoid Divorce

Even though divorce seems to be a way of life for many people these days, it doesn’t have to be for you and the person that you married. If you truly value the commitment you made to that person and wish to honor it and be with them for years to come, then there are certain things you need to remember when going about saving your marriage and avoiding divorce. Although your problems may seem too big to solve right now, with a little time and perspective you will be able to successfully overcome and keep your relationship together.

So how do you do this exactly? One of the most important things you can possibly do to keep a marriage alive and healthy is to communicate as much as possible. Often times after years or even months of being married, couples begin to get too self-involved and stop communicating with each other on a meaningful level. Instead they just exchange greetings and rant about their day at work, but nothing really significant that reveals a little bit about how they feel or what they think, especially regarding the relationship.

So start communicating on a large level. This means talking about whatever problems you think you have. Sometimes one or more people in the relationship are too afraid to come forward and reveal that they think there is something wrong because maybe it’s just in their head, but if it’s enough to bother you then it is worth mentioning. As long as you communicate your concerns in a respectful and calm way, your partner should respond in kind.

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How TO Make My Husband Love Me

You ask ,”What can I do to make my husband love me?” Go back in your mind to the beginning of your relationship with your man. What made your husband desire you then? How did you act then? How did you talk then? How did you smell then? How much different are you now from the woman you were then?

Go look in the mirror. Have you gotten fat? Have you let yourself go? Are you as particular with your appearance as you were when you were dating? Why not? Remember that men are 75 percent sexually driven. A big part of the driving factor is your appearance. Keep yourself up. You may think to yourself, “If he really loves me he will accept me as I am.” Sorry, that is not true. If you are not the person he married, he is now married to a stranger. That does not mean that as grow older he will not accept the changes of age. It means that you should try to be as particular about yourself at any age, as you were in the beginning of your relationship.

Let us face the facts. The truth is that our tastes change a bit as we mature. In the beginning of your relationship with your husband, his hormones as well as yours were at an all time high. You could not keep your hands off one another, remember? After a few years of being married and especially after a few kids, the hormones settle down a bit, mainly in you. He’s still pretty much hormone driven, but you are tired and a bit jaded with the romance thing. You would just as soon cuddle and talk and go no further. He is more for action. He substitutes that relationship with hobbies and time spent with his friends. You make him choose between you and his other interests by the way you are.

Make him choose you willingly. How did you act in the beginning? How many times did you instigate relations? Do you now? Are you exciting now? Can you be exciting? Ask yourself if it is worth the effort to make your husband want you like he did in the beginning. If so, then go for it, because you have the power to awaken his desire for you.

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