Friday, April 10, 2009

4 ingredients of a successful marriage

There are steps you need to take if you want to experience a successful marriage. I will be telling you 4 ingredients of a successful of marriage.

  1. There must be a well define purpose in your marriage. That is what makes marriage works. Whether you marry early or marry late, there must be purpose in that marriage. There are people that are so afraid that they avoid getting married. They sometimes wait until they are forty or fifty because they have read a lot about marriage that have broken down. Whenever people are told: “you are getting old, what are you waiting for?” They usually come up with excuses. No matter how long you wait there must be purpose, a well – defined purpose in marriage before your marriage can be successful.
  2. Another ingredient that needs to be present in your marriage is love. Broadly speaking, there are two levels of love; human love and divine love. Divine love is called Agape. It is a special kind of love and comes from above. This type of love is real, deep and sacrificial. It is not ephemeral. It is the type of love which makes you overlook the weak point of your spouse.
  3. There must be commitment to providing for the home on the part of the partners. The husband should always think of what he can d for the wife. The wife should also look for avenue of meeting her husband’s felt needs. Also, you should note important events and date in your spouse’s life and give him or her surprises once a while. As a woman, if you are fixing meals for your husband, do it joyfully.

The last point will make me look like a pastor. I am going to tell you truth and only the truth. There must be partnership with God. You like it or not , you need to operate with the lord in building your home. The institution of marriage is ordained by God. It is not something that just evolved from our social system. Sometimes there are people who talk about the liberation of women. The so called women liberation movement have come too late because, two thousand years ago Jesus Christ liberated all believing women from bondage. So , all these women who are saying that marriage is bondage are only displaying blatant ignorance as far as the perfect will of God is concerned.

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