Friday, April 10, 2009

How TO Make My Husband Love Me

You ask ,”What can I do to make my husband love me?” Go back in your mind to the beginning of your relationship with your man. What made your husband desire you then? How did you act then? How did you talk then? How did you smell then? How much different are you now from the woman you were then?

Go look in the mirror. Have you gotten fat? Have you let yourself go? Are you as particular with your appearance as you were when you were dating? Why not? Remember that men are 75 percent sexually driven. A big part of the driving factor is your appearance. Keep yourself up. You may think to yourself, “If he really loves me he will accept me as I am.” Sorry, that is not true. If you are not the person he married, he is now married to a stranger. That does not mean that as grow older he will not accept the changes of age. It means that you should try to be as particular about yourself at any age, as you were in the beginning of your relationship.

Let us face the facts. The truth is that our tastes change a bit as we mature. In the beginning of your relationship with your husband, his hormones as well as yours were at an all time high. You could not keep your hands off one another, remember? After a few years of being married and especially after a few kids, the hormones settle down a bit, mainly in you. He’s still pretty much hormone driven, but you are tired and a bit jaded with the romance thing. You would just as soon cuddle and talk and go no further. He is more for action. He substitutes that relationship with hobbies and time spent with his friends. You make him choose between you and his other interests by the way you are.

Make him choose you willingly. How did you act in the beginning? How many times did you instigate relations? Do you now? Are you exciting now? Can you be exciting? Ask yourself if it is worth the effort to make your husband want you like he did in the beginning. If so, then go for it, because you have the power to awaken his desire for you.

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