Friday, April 10, 2009

Safeguarding Your Marriage Today

Are you and your partner slowly drifting apart? Do you find yourself fighting all that time or talking about divorce? Are one or both of you secretly wondering if you are going to make it or even if you can save your marriage?

The good news is that you are definitely not alone. Each year millions of marriages find themselves in similar situations and many of them end up in great place later in their marriage because they have a commitment to working it out and the right information to help them along the way.

Regardless of the circumstances each couple is going to need to master the number one required skill of resolving conflict. Once a couple learns to navigate these waters they will be able to learn about and handle the different issues that generally cause trouble for couples like:

- surviving an affair
- poor intimacy
- excessive bickering
- poor communication
- lack of quality time with each other
- parenting issues
- dealing with a difficult spouse

Whatever the specific issues once you learn to resolve conflict you can get information on how to deal with these other issues. The good news is that since people have been having marriage problems for so long and since so many professionals have been studying these relationships, there is now a great body of knowledge about the necessary skills to survive and thrive in marriage. Just as you can take good information and learn to play golf or tennis effectively you can literally learn and be trained to have a great and satisfying marriage.

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