Saturday, May 30, 2009

5 Cheap Wedding Ideas

Getting married is a truly exciting time for the happy couple and that excitement can lead to a very expensive occasion but it doesn't have to be like that. You can get married for less with these cheap wedding ideas.

There are many ways to limit your total spend on the wedding, just because you have a budget does not mean it has to be a dull day.

You can have a wonderful day, which of course it should be and still not break the bank. Remember the point of getting married, it is because you want to be with your partner and to show your devotion in a formal manner.

Flashy weddings are for the celebrities who feel the need to impress their friends and the glossy magazines so leave them to it. A British newspaper recently featured couples who got married for less than £500, do they love each other any less? I do not believe so.

Probably the single most expensive item for the day will be the wedding dress. This is also one of the most important items to the bride, men, take note you will have to take a back seat here. You can trim the cost if you try, by looking at used wedding dress, gasp, horror, used wedding dress? OK, lets take a look at it from this angle, many brides will marry in a vintage wedding dress, for vintage read secondhand.

A used wedding gown can be bought from many places and when you consider it has probably only been worn once if at all then a slightly less expensive dress can be a great saving. You can buy fabulous wedding dresses online so check it out.

The next items are the rings, huge diamonds may look impressive but a plain gold band will be more practical, less likely to lose a stone and be cheaper to insure! Remember it is not the size of the diamond but the size of the heart that gives it.

The wedding breakfast can be made cheaper by inviting a small gathering of family and close friends, wedding venues make a fair amount of money out of catering for weddings so reduce the number of guests and you reduce the cost. If you want a big party for everyone that you have ever met, do it after the honeymoon at a cheaper venue. You will be more relaxed then anyway and probably enjoy it more.

The wedding cake does not have to be a massive commercially made one, if you have a friend who loves cooking ask her to make one, it will make her day and probably be tastier.

A major expense will be the honeymoon if you let it. Think ahead, holidays vary considerably in price throughout the year so if you are set on a couple of weeks in the Caribbean plan your wedding for the cheaper times. Organizing a long haul holiday can be stressful at the best of times so consider a short break in a country hotel instead, you have the rest of your lives to see the world. I hope you find these cheap wedding ideas useful.
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