Saturday, May 9, 2009

If your marriage is on the rocks due to your habit of constantly pelting mental rocks at each other then take a pause to study these 4 mind blowing ways to save a marriage and save yours too. Often, fights are caused due to battered egos or insensitive talk or action on the part of one or both spouses. Hence your 1st move should be to have an honest and ego-free talk with your spouse to remove all possible hurdles as you both can.

It is vital that you think about your spouse's feeling before you utter any word or take any drastic action. You will earn the respect of your spouse only when you show respect towards your spouse.

Instead of fighting it out , ask your spouse to sit down and write all the grievances in the form of a letter. You too should do the same thing.

You might find that most of these grievances are too silly for you to be fighting on, once you have written it down instead of indulging in verbally charged fights.

You should get ready to apologize and compromise. If you want your marriage to survive then a rigid stance will not be of much use and will only harden your spouse's stance.

Instead, be ready to apologize for your mistakes and remain in a compromising mood. Marriage itself is a compromise and it is only the level that differentiates other couples.

The last mind blowing way is to simply whisk your spouse for an extended vacation to a romantic destination. However, this move will only work if you use that time to sort out all your differences.

At least, the romantic setting will get both of you in the right mood to work towards a common solution. Many couples have returned from the brink of a disastrous marriage by using this tip.

So, do not let the situation slip out of your hands as you fight with your spouse to save your marriage. Instead, remain calm, be ready to compromise and set up the perfect location to work things out with your ex.

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