Saturday, May 30, 2009

Your Marriage - The Gift That Keeps on Giving - Finding Alternatives to Marriage Counseling

While exploring options for marriage counseling or alternatives to marriage counseling, think of your marriage as a gift that keeps on giving. How many times in the last day, week, or month has your spouse done something for you that was pleasing? You might need to think even further if you've had a troubled marriage for a long time.

When your husband or wife did these nice things for you, how did you respond? As the recent memories of the wedding fades away and the newness of your marriage wears off, it's common for couples to take their marriage for granted.

Use this analogy for your marriage:

We all know the story about the goose that laid the golden eggs. Everyday, a poor farmer would receive a gift of a golden egg from his goose; making him very rich. After receiving his gifts for a while, the farmer got tired of waiting for his goose. He wanted all of his gifts at once so he tore open his goose looking for his golden eggs. In the end, by being so impatient and taking his situation for granted, he ruined the best thing he had going for him. Obviously, there were no golden eggs and his goose is dead. He didn't realize what he actually had until it was gone.

What are some of the gifts a relationship can offer and why might you find an alternative to marriage counseling?

First of all, a good relationship offers companionship, fun and intimacy. Just to name a few. Then there are the little, everyday gifts that are given and received almost as second nature. For instance, making your spouse a cup of tea in the morning, doing each other's errands if they are tired, or participating in a particular interest your spouse has. These are all little, everyday gifts that are often taken for granted in a marriage because most people become selfish and impatient. They stop giving common courtesies, time and energy, and start being more thoughtless.

Wrapping up the analogy, most people's inappropriate behavior in their marriage are their efforts to gather the golden eggs. They're not intentionally trying to kill the goose but their impatience of receiving the golden eggs is ruining the marriage. Couples don't realize what they actually had until the marriage is gone.

Your relationship is strong in the beginning and a marriage can be the gift that keeps on giving. You've got to learn to take care of it if you want to continue to receive the golden eggs.

Being able to do this year after year is something very few people know how to do. Renewing your marriage and maintaining love in your relationship can be like learning anything new. It might seem difficult or even impossible in the beginning. Maybe all it takes is for someone to show you how to do it.

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