Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Wife Doesn't Trust Me - How to Make Her Trust Me

"I love my wife wholeheartedly but she still doesn't trust me. Her insecurity is turning me mad and I am stressful with the way she treats this relationship." No matter how you attempted to assure her, she is still very doubtful about your love for her.

Are you one of the guys that is also facing similar problems like this? When trust is lacking in a marriage, it can bring down the happiness in the relationship. How to make her trust you?

Jealousy is normal in a relationship but extreme jealousy can break up or hurt a perfect relationship. This also shows that the woman is lacking of confidence and security in her life. Sometimes, it can be because of bad experience from the past relationships or certain examples that she sees around her.

Trust is important in a marriage and without trust, there are many things that you can't do to achieve in a great relationship. Here are some tips to make your wife trust you.

Write a letter to her. Tell her how much you want this relationship to work but also mention how frustrated you are with her jealousy. Write in a tactful manner, not offending or blaming her in any ways.

Open her heart and make her listen to you. Learn to understand the real problems that are affecting her trust on you. If she doesn't trust you because of a failed relationship previously, you will need to constantly assure her that you are a different guy. Let her know how you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Try to approach her and say the sweetest things that she would like to hear first. This is to cushion the impact that you will be telling her about the jealousy issue in the relationship as she may get upset or angry when you tell her about this problem.

Give her some time and leave her alone. Maybe she needs some time to clear her thoughts. This can also be a good time to let both of you to see what are needed to improve on the marriage. Losing you for a while may help her to realize many things when she is not with you.

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