Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can My Husband Love Me Again? Advice For Women

"Can my husband love me again if it feels as though our marriage is over?" Is this a question you've been asking yourself as of late? When your marriage starts to unravel at the seams you may be too busy tending to day-to-day tasks to take notice. Many women don't even realize that their husband's feelings have changed until his suitcase is packed and he's asking for a divorce. If you are facing a future without your husband and it's tearing you apart inside there are things you can do to rebuild the relationship so it's stronger than it's ever been.

When you are thinking to yourself can my husband love me again consider the fact that he loved you enough to commit himself to you exclusively for the rest of his life. If he loved you once he can certainly fall in love with you all over again. Think back to very early in your relationship and the qualities that your husband loved most in you. If you've changed dramatically since then, it may be time to make yourself over to become more like the old you. Do whatever it takes to show your husband that the woman he married is still who you are. You want him to feel that same spark of love that he felt back then.

You must also show your husband that you still value and desire him. It's easy to get caught up in the stress of our lives to the point that we start taking that out on the person we love most. If you've taken to nagging your husband or letting your frustrations cause you to lash out at him, you need to stop that now. Take time each and every day to thank your husband for all that he brings to your life. Ensure that he knows that he's the only man for you. Once he starts to see that you genuinely adore him, he'll feel closer to you emotionally again.
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