Saturday, May 30, 2009

Making a Lifelong Commitment - Marriage

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and yet so many end up in divorce, around half or the, so committing to one another through marriage is not a step which should be taken lightly! Marrying your partner can be the most satisfying and fulfilling act of your life but in the same breath, it can be the biggest mistake you will ever make. You should carefully consider what is likely to make a successful marriage and keep your relationship happy and full of contentment and love; the rewards are huge but as any couple who have been married for years will tell you, it takes both of you to work very hard and enjoy not only the ups but also work together and support each other through the bad times.

Treat Your Marriage with Loving Care and Respect

When two people marry, they are no longer individuals they are a team working, living and loving together for the benefit of themselves and their family; not just the immediate family who come to the wedding but also their own children and grandchildren (even great-grandchildren if you start soon enough).

Treat your marriage and spouse as a genuine rarity and your most prized possession. Give the respect to one another for their individuality and uniqueness because you are so close, no other is ever going to understand or experience your spouse in the way that you do. This is not simply about sex, but about sharing the road through life as it twists and turns with no guide map to show you the way or what is waiting for you both around the corner. Learn to appreciate and enjoy your lives both as individuals but more importantly as a partnership; the adage applies that the more you give the more you receive!

Marriage requires consensus in the broadest sense of the word and yet, there are only two of you needed to achieve it. Living your life as a couple will require sacrifice and you can be assured the rough edges of your personality will become much more rounded as you explore and adapt to one another; a feature of a good marriage is both spouses seek to improve themselves and each other and after all, life changes us as we go through it no matter how obstinate our personalities may be. Embracing each other is as much about self-improvement and personal development as it is about being comfortable or settled with one another. You should actively look for ways in which you can be a better husband or wife and express your creativity which in turn will add interest and spice to your marriage and prevent it from becoming stale and mundane.

Falling in love is the easy part of any relationship with its heady mix of high emotion mixed with romance and excitement; keeping this unique spark alive requires effort from both of you and you should never take the love you have for one another for granted. That road leads to unhappiness and the divorce courts but even when times are exceedingly hard and trying, remembering the love you have for one another and working towards making each other happy first will result in a much greater level of contentment and happiness for both of you.
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