Saturday, May 30, 2009

Making Your Wife Happy

Many men believe that pleasing a woman means pleasing her physically in the bedroom. This is in most cases the least of their concerns. As a married man most of you realize there is a lot more to pleasing a woman than what you do in the bedroom.

For both the physical relationship and the emotional relationship it is much better to try to focus on what pleases her in life. If you find little ways to please your wife everyday, outside the bedroom. you will find she is satisfied in and out of the bedroom.

By doing this you will learn the the key to a great sex life is having a true knowledge and understanding of your wife as a person. Knowing her needs and what she is longing for emotionally will aid the friendship in your marriage and bring forth a closer more intimate relationship.

Sex is important but it is just one part of a marriage. Another very important part of marriage is communication. Communication is essential to both the physical and emotional components of any and every marriage.

If you truly take the time to get to know your wife and her needs, and allow her to know you on a more intimate level as well you will see a significant difference in your relationship. Try changing the focus from pleasing your wife in bed to pleasing her everyday outside the bedroom, and you will see changes in your sex life that you never thought possible.
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